Wednesday 8 April 2015

broke it again...

Continuing with the let's see how bad I can mess it up plan that I've been working with so far, this evening I've fixed one thing and really broken lots of others.

I now have an app that although it correctly describes things so has got rid of the depends on rubbish and replaced it with done before which is what I needed it to be. Unfortunately it won't now let you save a new step (and I don't like that description either).

In positive news I can continue playing tomorrow so I'll hopefully at least get something saving.

I did this evening manage to get some things right. I  managed to get rid of a load of the errors that I was having to ignore in the code.  These weren't actual errors, they were jslint (a tool for telling you where you've written your code badly) not being told to correctly ignore some errors.  I'd previously tried to fix this and failed, actually getting this fixed meant I could see the proverbial wood for the trees and pointed out some actual problems that I'd been missing because I'd ignored all the errors.

The other thing that this has pointed out is that I really (really really) need to add in some unit testing.  This is starting to get embarrassing, I don't actually know exactly when I broke saving things, I think it was this evening, I can role back code changes and find out but that's a faff. Proper unit tests would have highlighted this to me as soon as I broke it.  Fortunately I pointed this out about 3 months ago, less fortunately I paid no attention.

As a sort of PS you might have noticed that I turned ads off.  The reason for this was that I no longer needed them. I'd played with them, figured out how to get them working and better than that realised how to set them up and how to turn them off.

I've checked in the current (broken code base) here: