Tuesday 9 October 2018

And slowly we get worse...

So this timelog project started as a simple zsh script:

function timelog() {
if [ "$1" != "" ]
echo $(date +%H:%M) "$1" >> ~/timelogger/$(date +%Y-%m-%d).txt

This created a new file if one didn't exist called <<date>>.txt (for example 2018-10-09.txt) that would then put whatever details were passed to it into it.
This had several advantages over what I've got to now, mostly it was nice and easy to edit.

With the changes I'm now making it does appear that I'm getting further away from where I was.

I've now got just about a graphql server running that just about works to retrieve whatever has been written, but I'm not yet using that to write to, soon, but not yet.

Adding more interesting and fun technology has been it's own reward, but it's not made what I'm working on much more useful (yet).

The git repos for the more confusing bits are here: