Monday 16 February 2015

it's been a while...

I've been busy with some good and a lot of rubbish things, but I think I blogged myself out...

I've not been doing nothing though, this evening I've run some updates and continued with the app, however the version at that url isn't great (is a bit rubbish) at the moment.

I'm having some issues with this due to the nature of using mongo in the back end, I was starting to write up the issue but fortunately (for you lot more than me) Sarah Mei has done so a lot more eloquently that I would have here: 

If you don't want to read all of that (you really should though) the basic gist is that you'd going to end up wanting to do something relational. You then have 2 choices - 1 include other object(s) as part of the mongo document and cope with the update that means, or store the id and then write your own relationship management.  The tutorials I've been looking at for Meteor seem to go with option b and as mongo db version 3 is about to land it's possible that this will be something that will start to become at least easier...  No one I've been listening to / reading has suggested that might be happening though.

Anyway I'll try and keep going with this, thanks for sticking with it...

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  1. Well there's now a neo4j driver for meteor so I might play with that:


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