Friday 2 January 2015

so that was Christmas...

Well it was fun, with lots of food, presents and excitement.

Perhaps unsurprisingly I didn't get the app that I was building to sort out the cooking the Christmas lunch finished.  I'll continue working on this, but with the urgency now removed I've decided to take a break.  After all this is supposed to be fun and it's something I'm doing in my spare time so taking a bit of a pause should be fun.  On that note I managed to not touch a laptop for over a week over Christmas which was a nice break.

As a surprise Christmas present I was given a pebble for Christmas, it's been lots of fun playing with it. I've also had a few frustrations, I think this deserves it's own post so I'll write one up and put it in after I've finished this.

I'll also try and sort out an interesting things post later today.

Over all I've had a fab Christmas and today is back to work, let's see how that goes...

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