Monday 22 December 2014

the story so far... II

I've not spent as much time as I would have liked on the 'lunch project' this week.  The idea is to create an app to help me with Christmas lunch.  To say I'm cutting it fine is well... true.

What I've done

  • I've decided to make an app to aid in the cooking of Christmas dinner
  • I've created wireframes
  • I've started to build the app using meteor
  • I've had some fun with DNS which has now been fixed.
  • I've added adsense to this blog

Where I am

  • You can now see steps and add new ones to the app
  • I've fixed the dns for (so that it ends up here you may need to clear some caches if you've already tried this)
  • I've also got to the point where the times add up.

What I'm hoping to do

  • By Thursday (25-12-2014)
    • Get something working that I can use on Christmas day.  The next big step is sorting out dependancies.
  • On Wednesday (24-12-2014)
  • On Friday (26-12-2014)
  • On next Monday (29-12-2014)
    • Write another "story so far post" admitting what I didn't get done from the above list.

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