Thursday 27 November 2014

checking out some of the tools I'm going to use to build Christmas

So I've already said I'm going to be building this using meteor that's a javascript platform for building apps.  I've played with it a little before and am quite looking forward to the idea of building something using it.
I've been meaning to get my head around sublime text for ages, so I'll be writing things using that or brackets which I've played with before and quite like.
If I'm using meteor I'm going to end up with bootstrap which I've used a little before but as with the other tools mentioned never actually got something from start to end with it.  I'll also admit my wireframe was at least a little inspired by bootstraps panels which I'll be using plenty of I suspect and I think the panel with footer may solve my issue of showing which items need to be completed first.
That's all for now as I'm off out to see some Christmas lights after work.

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