Sunday 30 November 2014

playing with meteor some more...

Continuing with the playing with meteor.
I've now deployed where I am to I had a bit of a problem with this as when you deploy to meteor you need you username.  When you login on the website you use your email address, however when deploying you need your "username" something I set up about a year ago and haven't used much since. I couldn't remember or find it on the website.
Eventually as is often the case stack overflow showed me the way.
It's slow going in between cinema trips (go and see Paddington, it's very good) and work, but I'm getting there and I'm really enjoying it.  I continued with the clean code book last night (there's that pay me money link again) it's interesting but I don't think I'm quite getting it yet.  I've also kept the github repo up to date if anyone is interested.
I've ended up creating a helper function in javascript (in the step_item.js file) that I'm really not happy with.  It works and so I'll keep it there for now with an eye to refactoring later.  There's a couple of ways I am currently thinking of doing that: Putting it into a global client scope or putting the logic into the template. I'm not over the moon about either of those and I'm hoping as I continue with the tutorial book ( I'll find a better solution.

I know that meteor does allow me to run unit tests, but I've not got to that point in the book.  If I'm still getting frustrated with the code clean book I'll start to skip ahead.  At the moment I'm doing this project for fun so I'm doing the fun bits, I'm a little concerned that I'm going to spend a fair chunk of time writing unit tests for existing code, something that I have depressing experience of and am not really looking forward to.

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