Monday 1 December 2014

unit tests because "later equals never"

Having re-read my previous post and having come across Robert Greiner's quote "Later equals never" again I decided to stop and figure out how the unit testing worked within meteor.  This led to me finding Velocity which looks really interesting. Unfortunately my laptop decided that I wasn't able to use git any more.  I've now fixed this but it means I've only now been able to get the example application downloaded.  I've read the details on their website and think that this should be feasible, but it'll be tomorrow now before I get to play with it properly.

I'll also probably be revisiting the code that I'm not happy with before I continue moving on, I say probably as I'm still not certain of the right way of doing this.  Hopefully all will become clear as I read more of the meteor book.  The next chapter is on adding users which should be interesting.  I tried to do this myself previously with meteor and really messed it up, so it'll be nice reading how it's supposed to be done.

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