Friday 19 December 2014

friday's interesting things II

Taking a break from building an app here's this weeks interesting things that grabbed my attention this week.  Though I'm sharing them here, I'm really using these lists as a sort of bookmark list.

Learn Meteor in 6 weeks

This is interesting, I've done quite a few of the tasks, though following the disaster last night, I might need to re-visit some of the earlier steps.  I know that I don't have 4 solid hours a day to work on this sort of project (and that would put me a long way after Christmas) however it does look like a fun list.

A world without microbes

A friend of mine from 6th form college (which was a very long time ago) has written an article about what the world would be without microbes.  Even though my biology lessons finished with my GCSE's at 16 I found this accessible and really interesting.


Dominus is a nice (free) web based game built with meteor.  I've just started playing and it looks really interesting.  Also the author has some interesting things to say about Meteor's check function

Hex colour clock

This has been all over the web this week, partially as it's such a simple and well executed idea. I really love this.

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