Tuesday 9 December 2014

i broke the world

OK well maybe not the world...
I was as surprised as anyone that having looked at the analytics I'm getting about 30 or so folks every day (and even more so that someone's reading this on a blackberry!).  I thought I wonder if I can put google's adsense up on the blog and make some money.
I then followed the required steps and filled in the necessary form that needs a non sub domain so ben.best as opposed to blog.ben.best) this I filled in and although they promised me a response in a week a few hours later I received a response back telling me that there wasn't enough contents on http://ben.best/
Following my cname success with lunch.ben.best I thought "I can do this". Those astute enough to have looked at the website http://ben.best will have realised that I can't. Of course because this is DNS I will need to leave it a couple of days (at least) to confirm that I have messed it up and not got it right but it's not propagated yet.  I suspect it might be a few days before http://ben.best is also pointing to this blog.
I might have it right, and the little checkbox that says 'redirect ben.best to blog.ben.best' in the blogger settings might actually work or I might have it wrong and have to go back either way I suspect that it's a lucky thing I'm not relying on my DNS expertise or the (yet to exist) ads on this site.
In the meantime buy this book and read it (oh and I'll make a couple of pennies if you do).

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