Monday 8 December 2014

innovation days, mailing lists and scheduled tasks

as expected I had a couple of nights off, but now I'm back.
Some interesting things have been happening at work, from next year we'll have "innovation days" these are days we book through the holiday booking system that we can take some time to look at something interesting and to prepare to present it to the company. I have a couple of plans for this that I'll go through at a later date.  I think it's supposed to resemble the 20% from Google and is a really interesting path for us to be heading down.  I'd like to see if I can bring something from the Christmas lunch project into it but we'll see how that goes.
I was also asked my advice on setting up a weekly mailing, which I've responded to (, but I'll put my thoughts into a blog post (so that next time I'm asked it's easy to find the details).  I'll have to make a couple of changes to the details to protect the innocent but I should get that up later today or tomorrow.
I'll be back on the lunch app later today, I've also had a couple of ideas for little apps to do after this one is finished.  I'd like to do a house buying / selling checklist tool and maybe make it generic enough that it can also be used for other similar things (registering a birth / death etc.). I suspect / hope that I'll eventually be able to merge them into one thing with an idea of templates so if you're cooking a Christmas lunch or buying a house it's the same underlying tool, but you use a different set of templated steps.
Finally I realised I hadn't put up a screen dump of where I am so far with the app:
It's a start (do not use these timings for your Christmas lunch)

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