Monday 15 December 2014

the story so far...

It appears that I'm starting to fall into a pattern, I get lots done at the start of the week and then Thursday appears and life stuff gets in the way.  This was the case last week with two trips to the theatre and a Christmas party meaning that I've done nothing on "lunch" since last Wednesday.
I've decided to look at where I am, what I've done and what I'm hoping to do in the next week.

What I've done

  • I've decided to make an app to aid in the cooking of Christmas dinner
  • I've created wireframes
  • I've started to build the app
  • I've broken the dns for

Where I am

  • You can now see steps and add new ones to the app
  • I've fixed the dns for (so that it ends up here you may need to clear some caches if you've already tried this)

What I'm hoping to do

  • By next Monday
    • Editing steps
    • Sorting out the timings so that given a serve time the start times display correctly
  • On Wednesday (17-12-2014)
  • On Friday (19-12-2014)
  • On next Monday (22-12-2014)
    • Write another "story so far post" admitting what I didn't get done from the above list.

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