Friday 12 December 2014

friday's interesting things I

Each Friday morning (and this one is very early in the morning) I'm going to attempt to post a group of things I've found interesting, realistically they'll probably be from my rss feeds but I'll try to stay eclectic and hopefully these won't just be a list of things that I want to re-read, but if that's what it turns out to be then it's not a bad thing.

EcmaScript 6 Classes

Following my "issues" with javascript classes I found this so I'll have a play with it (at some point in time).  I suspect however when I do get time to play with this EcmaScript 6 will be well out and I'll be used to it. Ahh to have more free hours in the day to play with everything I would like to.

Google's web starter-kit

A sort of not really competitor to bootstrap, maybe ish? It's a tool for helping to get websites working and looking the "Google way". I'm a little nervous about this, but I'll no doubt have a play a bit later when I decide I don't like that everything looks a bit "bootstrappy".

A rundown of text editors for meteor

After reading this I'm starting to think that it might be time to switch away from brackets (probably to atom).  Changing text editors is always a bit of a wrench so I might put that off a little.

Node got forked

I'd heard a fair bit about this but it wasn't until I read this post that I felt I had a better handle on it.  It's going to be interesting to watch.  I have to admit my favourite part of the article was learning that "npm is not an acronym".

Closure Compiler

This is an interesting tool from Google, I've had a bit of a play with it and though I love what it's doing with the whitespace and simple settings I've yet to spend the time to get the advanced working. It has highlighted some changes that I want to make already. It's definitely something I want to play with some more, it's also definitely something I'm not going to play with for a little while.  It also lead me to the closure linter which I need to add to the tools that I'd like to play with.

Get site info

This was a tool I played with a number of years ago it displays a lot of things that I could re-do but it works, it's also a great example of why this developer should not be used as a designer .  When I created it at $job-1 we were having problems because looking at our clients websites from our own location wasn't for a variety of dull reasons (or at least reasons I can't now recall but shudder at some of the options).  Also Google had just started their app engine and I wanted to play with it.  I put together a quick app with it, it's still the only Python code I've ever written and it needs a lot of polishing (completely re-writing), however when I needed something like that the other day I couldn't remember the url.  I'm adding it to this list so that I have that url to hand.  Fell free to take a look and play, criticism is welcome, but pointless as I'm really not that fussed with picking this up again.

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