Tuesday 9 December 2014

reading about testing and then remembering that this is fun...

As expected I got a bit of a chance to play with the app this evening.

I started looking at the velocity test framework that I was talking about previously.  I found a couple of very interesting articles and managed to get the cucumber example running.  You do this by running test.sh in the higher directory I suspect that this is to do with which of the test tools require a mirror to work and which don't.
These are the links that I found most useful and intend to return to at least once:
Youtube video about velocity

Velocity and Jasmine really (really) thorough blog post

Then I continued with the app...
I added a login function (though I'm not yet actually using it for anything and it has an annoying extra button that I need to figure out how to remove).
I've also added a total time and a button that uses some of the router magic to work with links.

Finally I played with DNS and now the url lunch.ben.best points to the current deployed version of the app.  That's a really nice (and really simple) option from meteor, they're still hosting it, it's all done with cname magic.

Of course once I deployed the app I messed up the data, so that I know where to come back to to reset the data the details of how are in this stack overflow answer.

I've got a day long usability course at work tomorrow, so that should be interesting.  I may well decide that it's time to re-visit the wireframes or perhaps start from scratch.

I'm really pleased with where I am so far and will continue to get there, here's an image of where we are so far:

Note the url

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